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  • Business Video Services

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Video Script Writing

All projects we produce that utilize a Voice Over audio track include a written script. Whether created by us or submitted by you and edited by us.

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Video Clip Starter Packs

In an effort to minimize cost our whiteboard and animated video projects are available as a set of bundled features. Read on for details...

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Video Marketing Collateral

Looking for Low-cost generic or lead generation videos for you or your client? ECS video provides options that fit your budget. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your needs.

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Engage Your Audience with Relevant Prebuilt Video Ads

Everyone knows web platforms attract more viewers when using video, now increase that effectiveness even further by using our prebuilt video ads to lower your cost and improve your ROI. Retain visitors to your site and improve sales with your professionally produced prebuilt video ad!

Raise your Profits

With video marketing, you have an inexpensive way to reach viewers across the globe. The Internet has changed the way companies can reach consumers forever, giving local businesses a successful chance to create high-quality videos at an affordable rate.

Save your Money

There’s no longer a need to hire an expensive production and advertising company to boost your videos, as there are affordable marketing professionals who can guide you and help you see a high return on investment (ROI).

Target your Audience

Once you know who your audience is, what they expect from a company, and what products and services they are interested in, you can then create powerful marketing videos catered towards their lifestyle and interests

Let Us Create Your Next Video Ad !!

In addition to our prebuilt selections ECS video also creates custom video solutions for your website, local business or social media endeavors. At an average cost of $500 per minute of video, we are a cost effective alternative for your project. Contact Us for a FREE quote!

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How it Works


In Step 01, you place an order and send in your business details for us to get started!


In Step 02, we produce a very cool video for you that helps your business.


In Step 03, we will deliver your the video. We are always happy to update anytime.

Advantages of Video

Incredible First Impression

Grab Their Attention! Your potential customers are looking for local businesses to solve their problems

Target your Audience

Maximize Exposure Research your niche, let your video tell a story that will draw potential business in

Increase your Profits

Lower your Video Marketing Cost with our prebuilt Ad solutions and increase your Return-on-investment

Face of your Brand

Video increases your brand awareness and enhances your local business reputation in the community

Stay ahead of the Competition

You are not the only business looking into Video Marketing. Starting today prepares you for tomorrow

Why Choose Us?

HD Professional Videos

Provides what is considered third generation video for the web, enhances flexibility and extends features

1-Stop Shop for Videos

From creation to prebuilt clips ECS video offers a complete selection of choices for your project

Quality, Reliability, Efficiency

Our prices are low but our standards are high. Professional quality and reliability are our strengths

Budget Focused Videos

Our solutions provide a low-cost option for local businesses that don't have a million dollar budget

Super Friendly Team

ECS video understands that to build your presence into your video requires us to know the real you!

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Feel free to tell us what kind of services you’re looking for & our experts will send you a customized FREE Quote within 24-Hours.